DIY Skincare Diplomatic & Interest Classes

Handmade Skin Care Product Instructor Training Certificate Course
Skincare Product Interest Class
Handmade Skin Care Product Instructor Training Certificate Course
Through theory and practice, students will be able to understand the raw materials and applications of skin care products, understand the concept of hand-made skin care formulas, material selection and characteristics according to different skin types, and the skills of making skin care products, so that students have skin care knowledge of different skin types. The trainees will be trained as a professional hand-made skin care product instructor.

Course content:
• Know the raw materials -function and suitability to which type of skin
• Skin care formula
• Knowledge of tools and materials
• Comparison and application of different formulas
• Assessment and homework
• Practice making the following 20 DIY skincare products:
1. Cleansing Oil
2. Eye Cream
3. Moisturizing Spray
4. Beauty Massage Oil
5. Moisturizing Mask
6. Cold Cream
7. Shampoo
8. Hot Cream
9. Cleansing Bubbles
10. Universal Paste
11. Serum
12. Sleeping Mask
13. Repairing and Regenerating cream
14. Hand Cream
15. Body Ointment
16. Lipstick
17. Moisturizing Gel
18. Scrub
19. Sunscreen BB Cream
20. Lip Balm and Lip Gloss

Instructor: The above courses are taught by professional instructors of IFA International Aromatherapy Therapist

Time: 10 practical lessons + after-school practice + online theory. The total number of hours exceeds 60 hours. Welcome to make an appointment for your own class time.

Number of people: up to 6 people (Min. 2 people)

Teaching language: Cantonese

Class location: Discover Health & Lifestyle
Room O2, 11th Floor, Huali Industrial Center, 459-469 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan (Isolated from Nan Fung Spinning Mill)

*After completing the course, assessment and homework, you will be issued a certificate of instructor issued by our school, and be recommended to apply for TQUK-Diploma in Aromatic Handmade Skincare Product (Level 4) in the United Kingdom (Level 4)

TQUK Introduction:
TQUK is a qualifications certification organization recognized and governed by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (Ofqual) in the United Kingdom, and is currently the top ten certification organization in UK. Participants with TQUK certificates can be admitted to colleges and universities through credit or other methods, and their international recognition and credibility are highly evaluated globally. For details, please visit: (Hong Kong official website) or (UK official website)

Skincare Product Interest Class